Transition Fittings

HDPE transition fittings provide connectivity between high-density polyethylene and other types of pipe materials. These fittings eliminate the need for labor consuming tie-rods, strapping and/or thrust blocking, keeping the pipe from separating under hydraulic pressure and/or soil movement.

Transition fittings are available in most common pipe sizes. Each transition contains a short segment of high-density polyethylene pipe on one end for joining to the HDPE pipe section. The other end may be composed of a number of different materials from PVC to steel depending on the material to be joined with the high-density polyethylene pipe.

Products in this category:

  • Transition Adaptor PE
  • Transition Adaptor PE-Brass (MS58)
  • Transition Adaptor PE-Steel

More Details

  • Injected
  • Long spigot
  • 10 bar gas - 10/16 bar water options
  • Brass / Stainless Steel Male / Female threads
  • Water Applications
  • Gas Applications