Air Valves

Air valve is a valve mounted in “TEE” configuration on a pipeline to discharge or admit air into or out of the pipeline.

Why should the air in the pipeline be controlled ?
The existence of trapped air in a pipeline under pressure can cause negative effects on the operation and efficiency of the system. Air pockets accumulating at high points, of changing slope sign, reduce the effective cross-section of the pipeline in the accumulating location, which in turn, causes a decrease in the flow rate, and the energy needed to pressurize the waterful is increased as a result. The overall system efficiency is then reduced. Air pockets beyond some critical quantity in the system may even restrict the whole pipeline from flowing –“locking” – the pipeline.

Axis produces Air Valves ranging from 25mm to 300mm diameter. Air Valves with operating temperature between -10 °C … +80 °C can be specially produced for requested needs. There are variable options upon request such as Body and Cover as GSC25, AISI304, AISI316 and floaters as AISI304.

More Details
Nominal Diameter DN25 – DN300
Pressure Nominal PN10 – 16 – 25
Flange Standard TS ISO 7005-2 / TS EN 1092-2
Operating Temperature -10 °C … +80 °C
Coating Electrostatic Epoxy Blue

  • Drinking water and Irrigation Systems
  • Liquids with no acidic or alcalic or flammable value